Diving BBQ

Dear Divers of ZPV-Piranha,

the 31st of October there is an awesome BBQ for the divers of ZPV-Piranha. Here you able to meet the diving committees within the association and enjoy of a good BBQ! The exact time and date will follow.

Diving drink

Dear divers of Z.P.V. Piranha.

As a diver you like to be surrounded by water all the time. But sometimes you also need to fill your own water storage. And what is the best way to accomplish that? Indeed! A drink. Thereby I want to invite all Divers of Z.P.V. Piranha for a drink at the friends, (Langestraat 62, 7511 HC Enschede) of the 17th of October. You’re welcome at 20.00. Also, this is the moment to meet me, Vincent Oosterhoff, the new dive commissioner of the association. I hope to see you all!

Kind regards,

Vincent Oosterhoff
Activity commissioner
Diving commissioner

Nieuwe leden activiteit

Lief nieuw lid,

Ben je al fanatiek aan het meetrainen, maar heb je eigenlijk geen idee wie er nou precies naast je zwemt tijdens de training? Dan is deze activiteit perfect voor jou! Woensdag 16 oktober organiseert Du EVC namelijk een gezellige activiteit speciaal voor alle nieuwe leden. Tijdens deze activiteit kun je kennismaken met andere nieuwe leden, het bestuur van Piranha en de vereniging.

We zullen eerst met z’n allen op de campus gaan eten, waarna we vertrekken richting de schaatsbaan. Hier heb je de rest van de avond de tijd om je schaatskunsten te showen, met iedereen een gezellig praatje te maken en een (warm) drankje te drinken in het schaatscafé. 

Praktische informatie:

Wanneer: 16 oktober 2019

Hoelaat: 19:00 eten, 20:30 schaatsen

Waar: Campus + schaatsbaan Twente

Kosten: €10,-

Lijkt dit je leuk? Geef je dan snel op door een mailtje te sturen naar evc@zpv-piranha.nl We horen graag of je bij het eten en/of de activiteit aanwezig wil zijn en of je allergieën hebt waar we rekening mee moeten houden.

Hopelijk tot 16 oktober!





Dear new member,

If you want to get to know more people at Piranha, this is the perfect activity for you! Wednesday October 16th Du EVC organises an activity for all the new members of Piranha. At this activity you can meet other new members, chat with this year’s board and experience the ‘gezelligheid’ of the association. 

We will start the night by having dinner with all the participants. When everyone is finished, we will go to the icerink Twente where you can show your ice skating skills, socialize with other members and drink some hot chocolate afterwards. 

Practical information:

When: October 16

What time: dinner at 19:00, ice skating at 20:30

Where: university campus + icerink Twente
Costs: €10,- 

Would you like to come? You can sign up by sending a mail to evc@zpv-piranha.nl. We would like to know if you want to join the activity and/or dinner and if you have any allergies we have to keep in mind. 

We hope to see you then!

Kind regards,


Intro training

You can sign up for the intro training by this link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Yk1T07IXk5iZxXGQNGPw97G_8ns4OzENYZz-5Mty2mo/

Maybe you spotted a Piranha during the intromarket, sportday, Poolparty or somewhere else who got you here. Or maybe you are just looking at the site of one of the nicest sports available . You can try a training at Piranha during the first two weeks of the new college year. Please sign up by using this link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Yk1T07IXk5iZxXGQNGPw97G_8ns4OzENYZz-5Mty2mo/

Kandidaatsbestuur ’19 – ’20

We’re happy to announce our candidate board to you!

Chairman & Rescue commissioner: Titus Oosterkamp
Secretary & Swimming commissioner: Thomas van Zonneveld
Treasurer: Floriaan Bulten
Internal commissioner & Water Polo commissioner: Arend Jan Hengst
Activity commissioner & Diving commissioner: Vincent Oosterhoff

Gala der ZPV Piranha

It is time to get your best suit out of the closet and put your high heels on and come to the Gala that you can not refuse. We are already busy preparing everything, such as the dinner before the gala, where you can come to eat together before the party starts. It is also possible to only come to the gala and dance all night on the music of the DJ and dance until your feet fall of. There will also be enough alcoholic drink to make the night unforgettable.

Where: De Jaargetijden
When: 8th of February
Who: Everyone
– Piranha’s: €30.-
– Dinner: €25,-

The theme this year is; Be the Best moster you can be. So come in you fanciest outfit en enjoy the dangerous times that lie ahead. The dealine for singing up is the 30th of January. So sign up here!

Introduction training 6 September

On the 6th of September ZPV Piranha organizes an introduction training with barbecue from 6PM. You are able to meet the members and experience the sports we offer. The training will take place at the outdoor swimming pool at the campus. The training is free, for the barbecue we will charge a little bit of money.

Click here to sign up, you will get more information per e-mail.

Association Weekend

Are your weekends also boring? Are all your friends on vacation? Have you been left behind? Then this is your chance to change all this! The weekend of 14th to 16th September Piranha is organising an epic association trip. Make all your friends jealous and sign up!

Adjusted timetable during the Zwem4daagse

Due to the Zwem4daagse, the timetable in the week from monday 25 June is modified. All practices  before 20.00 are cancelled. Below you can find the modifications. As you can see, no waterpolo on Thusday and no swimming on Thursday.

As usual

20:00-21:00 Swimming 1/2/3
21:00-22:30 Diving

20:00-21:00 Women WP
21:00-22:00 Men WP

Assocation hour cancelled