Bar shifts

On the coming days we have a bar shift. Come to the sportscanteen to enjoy some time with Piranha.

  • 28th of March
  • 2nd of April
  • 13th of April
  • 29th of April
  • 2nd of June
  • 2nd of July

Do the words sociability, hospitality, pouring beer and games appeal to you? Then the Piranha barteam is waiting for you! The sportscanteen is runned by students of different sports associations. For Piranha this means we run bar shifts a number of days per year. This is done by our lovely barteam. If you are a barteam member you will have a bar shift of 2-3 hours a couple of days per year only if you are available.

So if you are interested or if you have question, feel free to contact Wout through