The DAC has decided to change the structure of the committee. This is so the continuity for the future can continue. From now on the DAC has an open structure. Therefore we are looking for more members. The idea is to have a big group of DAC members and brainstorm once every period with the enjoyment of nice food. On this evening we want to creat an accessible dynamic and fun program for all the diving members. A DAC member can decide for him/herself how much time they want to spend on organizing the activities and which activity they want to organize. So are you willing to meet once every period? Do you want to decide when the activities are and which activities there are? Then you should join the awesome DAC committee and have a fun evening with amazing food every period! If you are interested send a mail to DAC@zpv-piranha.nl



UnionCard and association surcharge


From now on it is possible to purchase a UnionCard for 2016-2017! You can also pay the association surcharge. If you are a member of Piranha you are required to have a valid UnionCard and surcharge. If you don’t have these, you may get a fine from the Sport Centre. This year Piranha will check several times if you have purchased both. Therefor it is recommended to get both UnionCard and assocation surcharge soon (before half September).

A picture description of the UnionCard instructions can you find here.

If you have any questions, you can contact the secretary.