Become a member

Awesome that you have the intention to become a member of ZPV Piranha, the (under)water sports association of the University Twente.

How do you become a member?

A picture description of the UnionCard instructions can you find here.

What are the costs?

  • Unioncard: €40,-  each year (€50,- after 1st of October)( Saxion €100,-)
  • Assosciation surcharge: €22,50 each year or €14,- for 1/2 year (Saxion €60,- each year or €33,- for 1/2 year)
  • Contribution:  €55,- each year (collected over four quarters)
A membership lasts at least 1 year.
Extra charges:
  • Rescue contribution at €10,- each year
  • Diving contribution at €40,-  each year
If you want to play competitively for a waterpolo team, you’ll have to pay a competition charge. You can ask either the board or members of the branch.

If you have any questions, fill in the form below. We hope to see you soon!