Schrala instead of Gala

Due to a collection of circumstances we have decided to move the Gala. This means that we cancel the event on the 25th of April and move it to 18th of May (to the previous gala date). On the 18th of May we will organise a “Schrala” and announce the theme of the Gala that will be held end of September/begin October. Further information about the exact date will be provided as soon as possible.


Ben jij benieuwd hoe het is om bestuur te zijn bij Piranha? Op woensdag 18 april organiseert het huidige bestuur een bestuursinteresse borrel in de Beiaard! Deze is geheel vrijblijvend  en puur om informatie te vergaren over hoe het is om in het bestuur te zitten.

Als je geïnteresseerd bent app een van ons even voor meer informatie😃.

Pubquiz & Commiteemarket

On the 15th of november it is time to start a new tradition. In de Vluchte, Piranha will have a pubquiz. Are you in for meeting the new members, or finding out how much the veterans actually know? Furthermore, if you’re planning on becoming an active member of the association, there will also be a small commitee market during the quiz.

You’re welcome in de Vluchte (Oldenzaalsestraat 153a, 7523 AA Enschede) from 20:00, with the pubquiz starting at 20.30. After the quiz there will be more than enough time to enjoy a few more drinks.
You can sign up here

Science of Diving

It’s time for the most prestigious specialty SSI has to offer, Piranha will be offering you the opportunity to follow this course and this time in a very open way. We’re talking about Science of Diving. This specialty picks up where every other specialty stops, which means you can absolutely show this off at every dive resort.
In the months October, November, December and January we’ll organize free lectures related to diving which will give you all the knowledge to excel in this beautiful sport. As mentioned, the lectures are free but please do sign up in KVS. In January you can choose even choose if you want SSI’s official specialty, for which you’ll take an exam and receive a card. This will cost you 50 euros, but the official specialty is completely optional. (Just a quick reminder: the same SoD specialty will cost over 250 euros in the diving tower!)
What’s on the program you ask?
31st of October: A lecture about the underwater world given by a marine biologist. This biologist is from Slovenia and has been scuba diving in the Netherlands for years. She’s absolutely intrigued by the beautiful underwater life the Netherlands has to offer and will gladly tell us all about what makes that life in the Netherlands so special.
14th of November (subject to change): A lecture about equipment. Did you think the specialty Equipment had a lot of information? Wait until you hear and see what our speaker can offer you. Things you’ve never heard of or even dreamt of will be discussed in detail. The speaker in question is a special man and will be joining us from a former industrial city which has grown to be the one of the biggest metropoles in the North and is known for its beautiful St. Lambertusbasilisk.
7th of December: Physiology of Diving. What exactly happens to the body and how do certain biological mechanisms change while scuba diving? We have found an expert from New Zealand who has devoted his life to these questions and will give us a masterclass Physiology of Diving.
14th of December: This night the decompression theory is on the agenda. We deal with this phenomenon a lot but what exactly do we know about it? Our expert, who has researched this subject for years in Dubai, will visit us to teach us all about decompression and its true role in scuba diving.
January: The last lecture of this course will tackle the physics of scuba diving. We will refresh your memory about the laws of underwater physics and on which principles they rely. Furthermore, we will do some fun games with this knowledge because science is always fun and we’re going to proof that the same is the case in Science of Diving! More information about this lecture will follow soon.
There’s a limited amount of space so sign up quickly!

Sint-Maarten Drink

Every year on the 11th of November Dutch children go by houses and sing songs with a self-made lantern. To go back to these memories, dú EVC organises the Sint-Maarten drink. On the 22nd of November you can come to the vestingbar from 21:00. If you bring your own lantern and sing a song, you win a beer. If you don’t bring your own lantern, but do sing a song, you win candy.

Zwemclinic! 25 september 2017

Lijkt het jou leuk om wat meer te gaan doen met zwemmen dan alleen schoolslag? Of kan je al wel borstcrawl, maar ziet het er niet echt uit en wil het ook niet erg snel? Dan is de Piranha zwemclinic misschien iets voor jou!

Het doel van de clinic is om de basis van de wedstrijdslagen een beetje onder de knie te krijgen of te verbeteren, met advies van de (student)zwemtrainers van Piranha. We zullen beginnen met een stukje theorie uitleg, waarna we vervolgens zelf het zwembad in gaan

De zwemclinic vindt plaats op maandag 25 september in de avond (tussen 20:00 en 22:30). De bijdrage voor de clinic is 2,50. Ben je lid van Piranha? Dan is mee doen aan deze clinic gratis!

Aangezien het de eerste keer is dat Piranha deze clinic organiseert willen we eerst een interesselijst openen om in te schatten hoeveel mensen we kunnen verwachten. Schrijf je daarom geheel vrijblijvend in via de volgende link:

Overigens is dit NIET een zwemles waar veilig zwemmen geleerd wordt. Er wordt vanuit gegaan dat de deelnemers zwemdiploma A, B en C of equivalent hebben om veilig te kunnen zwemmen.