Water skiing

 Ever wanted to be a daredevil above the water? If that is the case, this is just the event for you! On the 6th of June from 21.00 to 22.00 we will be waterskiing at Rutbeek. The costs will be €15,-. If you are interested, you can sign up via this link.


On the 6th of June the coolest student tournament in Enschede will take place! Starting at 19.00 the outdoor pool on campus will host a waterpolo tournament that everyone can join, regardless whether your name is Michael Phelps or you stopped right after swimming lessons when you were 9. Sign your team up before the 4th of June!

Piranha Clothing

Would you also like to be recognized as a Piranha members during tournaments, matches or just in every day life? In that case you can buy one of our terefic pieces of clothing.

The prices are still an indication, the more people order, the cheaper they get! Ordering is possible till the 6th of May, so don’t hesitate too long!

Order your clothing here.

Schrala instead of Gala

Due to a collection of circumstances we have decided to move the Gala. This means that we cancel the event on the 25th of April and move it to 18th of May (to the previous gala date). On the 18th of May we will organise a “Schrala” and announce the theme of the Gala that will be held end of September/begin October. Further information about the exact date will be provided as soon as possible.


Ben jij benieuwd hoe het is om bestuur te zijn bij Piranha? Op woensdag 18 april organiseert het huidige bestuur een bestuursinteresse borrel in de Beiaard! Deze is geheel vrijblijvend  en puur om informatie te vergaren over hoe het is om in het bestuur te zitten.

Als je geïnteresseerd bent app een van ons even voor meer informatie😃.