Piranha has had a diving branch since the summer of 2002. This branch consists of a very varied group of divers that includes divers from all levels. Our experienced ‘Dive Pro’s’ are students who direct the introdives and openwater courses that are offered each year. Throughout the year many activities are organised by divers for their fellow divers in our association. Besides our courses we organise many leisure activities that enable you to get to know us better. We strive to make it possible for every UnionCard holder to enjoy the wonderful underwater world.



Throughout the year outdoor dives are organised that are open to all certified divers. This way everyone gets plenty of opportunity to maintain their diving skills. During these dives our members, who don’t own any diving gear, are allowed to use the diving gear owned by the association. The dives are announced and coordinated using the calendar on our website.

These outdoor dives take place in surrounding waters such as Grasbroek te Bornerbroek, the Wijthmenerplas in Zwolle, Lingen (Germany), Bussloo, the Groene Heuvels te Wijchen, Bronsbergermeer in Zutphen amongst others. Furthermore we organise diving weekends to places even further away such as Zeeland, quarries in Belgium of a chalk lake in Hemmoor (Germany). Yearly a trip is organised which takes us even further away. Last year this trip saw a big group diving in Egypt, but locations such as Denmark and Germany are also visited. It is also possible to combine our courses with such a trip. The swimming pool part of the course will be done in the Netherlands, but the outdoor part can then be done in the warm, clear water abroad. Finally lectures and  ‘dry evenings’ are organised for all interested.



Pool training

During our pool hours we offer the possibility to train. You’ll be able to maintain your skills and increase your confidence in yourself and your equipment. Our trainings take place in both the indoor and outdoor pools on the campus, depending on the season. The pool is a safe place to repeat exercises or to just enjoy a leisurely swim. In the calendar on our website you’ll be able to find our hours and sign up for specific training moments. A committee dedicated to organising activities for divers, the DAC (dive activities committee), organises game nights in the pool where we can spend our time diving together in a fun way.


In order to become a diver at our association you’ll have to become a member of Piranha (45 euros per year) and purchase a UnionCard. This allows you to join all our recreational training sessions, including all those of other branches of Piranha (feel free to check these out on the website). You’re also very welcome at any other activities and drinks organised by other branches of Piranha. For diving a yearly 35 euro fee is charged which allows you to use all our material for diving.