Did you finish your Open Water, then you are able to go for your Advanced Open Water Diver certificate. The advanced courses are called specialties. If you did 24 dives and four specialties you can receive your certificate. At Piranha we offer a lot of different specialties, for example: Night diving & limited visibility, Navigation, Deep diving, Waves, Tides & Currents, Enriched air Nitrox, and many others. A more extensive description of the specialties can be found on the site of SSI. You can also participate if you got your Open Water licence somewhere else even if this was another organisation.

We offer the most specialties in two variants. A basic and a complete version. In the basic version you will not receive any digital learning material and no official diploma. That means that you can not be a part of your advanced open water licence and you are not able to show  an official diploma on holiday for example. Piranha itself will accept a basic version. The basic version is almost €40,- cheaper in comparison with the complete version.

Do a specialty!

When you want to follow a specialty you can send an e-mail to It is important to mention which specialty you want to follow, your experience (number of dives) and the date of your last dive. We will try to organize a specialty for all the divers of Piranha.


Not every specialty needs the same experience and knowledge. Below you can find the requirements for each specialty

From your Open Water course: perfect buoyancy, nitrox, equipment techniques, science of diving

From dive 12: navigation, night, altitude

From dive 16: WTC (wave, tides & currents), search and recovery, dry suit

From dive 21: deep diving (night is required ), photo & video, ice diving

From dive 25: stress & rescue

Do you have any questions about specialties? You can mail to


Specialty Specialty price
Equipment Techniques  €    66.00
Navigation  €    69.00
Night diving  €    69.00
Wave, tides & currents  €    45.00
Deep Diving  €    78.00
Nitrox  €    57.00
drysuit  €    78.00
Stress & Rescue  €  108.00
Altitude  €    33.00
Science of Diving  €  102.00
Photo & Video  €    57.00
Search & Recovery  €    78.00