Piranha rescue is the newest branch of Piranha. It is a branch dedicated to training and educating people to become lifeguards.

What do we teach you?

During the process of becoming a lifeguard you’ll learn everythin you need to know in order to save people from drowning. This involves varying skills such as:
  • transporting people in water;
  • efficiently calling an emergency number;
  • calming a victim;
  • rescuing a victim using a piece of clothing;
  • proper use of dedicated rescue equipment;
  • directing an emergency scenario;
In addition, you’ll learn how to work preventively and increase water safety.

After the course?

Obtaining a lifeguard certificate isn’t everything there is to Piranha rescue. We’re connected to many other rescue divisions through the Netherlands and when your education is finished you’ll be able to aid them in lifeguarding during big events around and in the water. Furthermore we participate in the national competition of rescue divisions, EHaD and lifesaving competitions, to measure our skill and strength with the other divisions and of course to maintain our relations with them.

Want to try?

Being the newest branch of Piranha, rescue hasn’t yet grown to the size of other branches. We’d love to see this change so you’re very welcome to join us during a practice. Interested in becoming a lifeguard, or do you want to try it out just for fun? Feel free to mail us at