There are three training sessions given by Piranha every week that focus on either technique or endurance, depending on the day. Trainers will provide the sets and will supervise each practice, pointing out things that you could improve on. The sessions are given on twodifferent swimming levels:

  •  Swimming 1: This is the group of swimmers with various amounts of experience in the pool. This means that their technique will be fairly well developed and the trainers will, therefore, focus more on endurance but will still provide feedback on your technique if necessary.
  • Swimming 2: This is the group for beginners and will spend more time learning/perfecting each stroke. Once you’ve sufficiently mastered each stroke you will be able to join Swimming 1. We do expect newcomers to be able to swim at least 1 stroke for we don’t really have the resources to teach every stroke from scratch.

Starting in May we will train in the Bram Boes outdoor pool at the University of Twente. ZPV Piranha tends to spend a lot of their time here during the summer as we have our own little snack-stand. We train there until mid September, when the temperatures become too cold to even consider going into the pool and we’ll move to two indoor locations: het Slagman and the university’s indoor pool.

For more information on the training schedule, click here:

Swimming Coaches/Trainers

Piranha has several trained swimming coaches at their disposal to provide the training that you seek. Even when they are not available, we have a lot of experienced swimmers that are willing to act as substitutes. We try to always have one coach/experienced swimmer available during training so that practice never gets cancelled.

Head of trainers: Mathijs Brandhorst
trainer: Margriet Simmerling

Trial Training

It is possible to train along with us even if you’re not a member of our club. You’re always welcome to join us for practice or send a mail to to arrange something else.