The Dutch Student Swim Competitions (NSZK’s) are the competitions that Piranha train towards. Every year we try to perform as best as we can against the other Dutch student swim teams in order to achieve the title of “Best Student Swim Team of the Netherlands”. This, off course, isn’t easy but we try nonetheless.

An NSZK competition is actually a lot more than just swimming. The event usually takes up an entire weekend but only half of it is spent swimming. The other half is spent on socializing, partying and simply having fun (the Dutch call this “gezelligheid”). On the Friday before the meet we often go for a drink with all the student swim teams, an event we like to call the “pre-borrel”. We often use this opportunity to catch up with friends on other teams, as they are usually from complete other sides of the country. After that, the local team provides places for swimmers to sleep at because you won’t have the time to get back to Enschede.

On Saturday the real competition begins. We usually start the meet around noon and finish at around 6pm, although we’ve had instances where we didn’t quite make those times. The swimmers that didn’t attend the “pre-borrel” will join us as we start the warm-up. Each swimmer can swim up to two individual events but can participate in as many relays as they want. We don’t expect you to be the very best, but we do expect you to have fun. Even if we’re not performing that well, we always have our club song that we can sing to soothe our wounded pride.

After the competition we get to eat whatever the local team has provided for us and then we get to prepare for the big after-party. We always finish the competition with a themed after-party that usually rages on until the next morning. Piranha always tries to be as creative as possible to match the given theme and we’re often quite comical to see. The next day is a Sunday and we won’t have anything planned for that day, just the train ride home. Considering that you can use the entire day to recover, we often party as hard as we can.

Besides the four NSZK’s that take place annually, we also participate in the Dutch Student Championships (NSK). Although the NSZK’s are more team driven, the NSK is all about the individual. There are always Piranha members trying to earn some medals at this competition, a feat that they often achieve.

More information can be found on the NS(Z)K website:

Other Competitions

ZPV Piranha also provides the opportunity to swim in other competitions as Piranha is a member of the “startgemeenschap van de Stichting NSZK”, meaning that we can arrange for you to swim at other national competitions. You could join both high and low tier meets, as well as open water races. If you want more info, you can always contact the Zwemcie.

Besides the above mentioned races, we also organize internal competitions, such as the club championships.