ZPV Piranha has been the (under)water student sports association of the University Twente since 1965. Four different branches of sport are practised: scuba diving, rescue swimming, waterpolo and (competitive) swimming. Besides we offer core stability training together with Kronos, the Drienerlose Athletics Association. Joining Piranha means you’re free to practice any of the aforementioned sports and core stability training.
Besides this packed training schedule, Piranha also organises multiple events throughout the year. The already legendary Poolparty during the university’s Kick-In, or the annual assosiationweekend, to name a few. Off course, we organise a lot more events. Curious? Go and take a look at upcoming and recent events!
Do you want to become a member? Feel free to join a practice in the indoor or outdoor pool on the campus and the Slagman. Do you want to try scuba diving? Please mail to for the exact location. Additional information about becoming a member of Piranha can you on the page become a member. Information about the different branches of sport can be found by clicking their respective icons, which can be found at the top of the page. Any questions are always welcome during practice or by mail at