f.l.t.r. Han Hollander, Laura Kreuger, Jeroen Staakman, Matthijs van Rijswijk, Renske van den Wijngaard
Board 2018-2019 of ZPV Piranha

Chairman (Praeses) – Jeroen Staakman

The Praeses chairs the board and general meetings. He also takes care of the other members of the board and makes sure they fulfill their tasks in a good manner. Besides the chairman gives speeches during drinks, proms and other occasions. The chairman is responsible for i.a. the advisory council and the technical committee.


Secretary (Ab actis) – Laura Kreuger

The secretary has a permanent job in the board. She takes minutes of the board and general meetings and notes actionpoints of the other members of the board. The secretary also writes the two weekly newspaper and is responsible for the archive and the membership base.


Treasurer (Quaestor) – Matthijs van Rijswijk

The treasurer is responsible for the finances of the assocation. He keeps an eye of the money flows of the association and does the monthly debits. The treasures gathers regularly with the cash committee. This committee checks the tasks of the treasurer.


Internal Affairs (Assessor) – Han Hollander

The internal commissioner takes care of all intern cases within the association. She takes care of the clothes and coordinates the barteam and the kioskteam. The internal commissioner also functions as a manager of the kiosk at the outdoor swimming pool. Besides, he is responsible for the cleaning of the swimming pool and the favors at the activity for active members.


Activity commissioner (Assesor actium) – Renske van den Wijngaard (up to and including November 2018)

The activity commissioner ensures a good execution of the various activities. She supports commitees with advice and help.