This page contains an overview of the 23 committees of Piranha. These committees take care off all the sports, but also organise activities. If you are interested in joining a committee, you can send an e-mail to the committee or to


The  sportcanteen in the sportcentre is run by students. Piranha has multiple days every year where they man the canteen. Our barteam takes care of this. Part of the profits those days go to Piranha. The team consists of as many people as possible, as to be able to schedule the days as flexible as possible.


Batavierenracecommissie (Batacie)

Every year the University of Twente and the Radboud University in Nijmegen organise the Batavierenrace. This is the biggest relayrace in the world, with people running from Nijmegen all the way to Enschede. Even though Piranhas prefer the water, we cannot miss an event like this. To take care of this event on behalf of Piranha, the Batacie exists.

If you are interested in organising the Piranha Bata team for the edition of 2019, contact the board or the committee!


Chickcommissie (Chickcie)

The Chickcie is the female committee of Piranha, since, well, a lot of our members are male. Hence they organise activities solely for the women of Piranha, like cocktail evenings to get rid of all your frustration regarding men and other things. However, activities like the bakingcontest are also their doing!


Duikcommissie (Duikcie)

The Duikcie has been brought to life to represent all diving committees of Piranha. Hence, it consists of representatives of the other diving committies: DAC, DOC and Matcie, the trainingcoordinator and former/present Diving Commissioners. The Duikcie discusses subjects like the compresser.


Duikactiviteitencommissie (DAC)

The Duik Activiteiten Commissie (DAC) is being led by the Activity commissioner and they oranganizes the many activities and events that are meant for the divers. Approximately  3 – 4 times a year there is a weekend to Zeeland organized, also weekends to the Steengroeven in Belgium, the depths of Hemmoor and Vinkenveen are on the list. A special journey is made every year, some examples are diving in the mountains of Austria and some awesome flow diving in Denmark. We always try to organize a bigger journey, think of the beautiful places to dive in Malta. Besides the amazing journeys the DAC also organizes swimming pool activities like net training, game nights en lectures about the  underwater life or other awesome diving activities. Are you intrested to organize these awesome activities together with the DAC? Then send us an e-mail!


Duikopleidingencommissie (DOC)

The trainings coordinators are directing the  Duikopleidingscoördinatoren (DOC), this where all the Diveleaders are in. This group of people are provide the course for Piranha, both the diving as the medical courses.


Duik materiaal commissie (MATCIE)

The Matchie is engaged with the maintance and the repair from the material for diving gear. This means that they are the first point of contact during diving hours when there is something wrong with the diving gear  Small maintance is continuously executed, like the replacement of o-rings and broken bits, masks and fin straps. But there is also an annual visual control of all the  scuba units, the wetsuits need to be checked and fixed when they get cracks.

Do you find diving material intresting, do want to learn more about it, the maintance, are you intrested to reinforce the committee or do you just want to help sometimes? Then contact us! The Equipment Techniques workshop is complete free for new members of the committee.


Evenementencommissie (dú EVC)

Piranha also as party’s and drinks next to the matches and trainings. The eventcommittee, dú EVC organizes these party’s . Piranha knows a few “standard” drinks like the “Poetsborrel” (for first year members) and the mystery guest drink. Besides these party’s  dú EVC organizes all kinds of new events every year! Do you want to join dú EVC? Please contact the committee.


Galacommissie (Galacie)

What is that? The “Galacie”? Is it the dyslexic way of spelling Milky way? Is it a exiting movie with Matt Damon in space? Is it the new Samsung phone? No, it is none of them! It is the best committee of ZPV Piranha! !

What does the galacie do? Once in a while Piranha organizes a gala for the members, dates and everyone that is intrested. When the time is right, there will be composed a galacie. It is then in the hands of the committee to organize the gala. We need to think of a theme, but we also need to make sure there is a band these are some examples of what we do. So do you think we need your help? Don’t hesitate and e-mail us!


ICT-commissie (ICT)

Do you think the website of Piranha needs some improvement?Or are you just intrested in informatics and would you like to work with a group of enthusiasts to write programs for Piranha? Then you would fit perfectly in the ICT committee!

The ICT committee makes sure everything concerning the website and programs that are used by the board (alias system, mailsystem but also the things on the website) are working right. It is usefull if you have a background in computer programming & HTML, but if haven’t got a backgroung in computer programming or HTML (and you want to learn this) you are more then welcome! As committee we plan worknights where we work thogether on the website and the progrmas, ofcourse we can drink a beer (or a glass wine) so it isn’t only productive it is also fun! So if you are intrestd don’t hestitate to contact us!


Piranha Introductie Commissie (PIC)

The Piranha Introduction Committee, the PIC, is a committee that has the job to recruit new member during the Kick-in from the Universiteit Twente and during the HOI week from the Saxion Enschede. The committee can decide how the handle thi, but the introduction trainings, the informationstand during the intro and the posters spreading are part of the standard program.


To get a idea click here.

Kascommissie (Kasco)

The Kascommissie checks the financial policy which is executed by the treasurer. They take care of the supervision of the accountancy. Next to that they write a semi-annual report to the association with a semi annual report at the Algemene vergadering in March and October.

The Kasco is always looking for new members! Do you want join the Kasco then contact the Kasco or the treasurer.


Landtrainingcommissie (Stabilisacie)

Every Wednesday there is a landtraining this is so you can train on land beside all the trainings in the water. The full body is trained so it is a great addition on the swim activities of every member. This training is together with the athletics club Kronos. The landtraining committee (Stabilisacie) makes sure these trainings can be provided. Besides the “normal” landtraining we also organize a bootcamp from time to time.

The stabilisacie is really looking for some extra trainers!


Lustrumcommissie (Lucie)

Once in the five year there will be constructed a Lustrum committee to celebrate that Piranha reached an other lustrum. This will be celebrated with special events during the year and ofcourse there will be an spectacular endfeast! The next lustrum will be in 2020 Piranha will celebrate their 55 years of existence.


Mediacommissie (Mediacie)

The mediacie makes those fun articles you can find on the facebookpage, did you always like to be busy with sociale media? Then this committee is you perfect match!


NSZK-commissie (NSZKcie)

The NSZKcie is a committee that is set up approximately once in the two years and engages in the organization of one of the four Nederlandse Studenten Zwem Kompetities (NSZK’s) that are hold annually. Therefor it is important that there is a competition, a pre-drink and an amazing party organized. This is organized for more than 300 swimmers so this event takes a lot of effort. The committee start with organizing in the year that the competition is held in Enschede. The NSZK in Enschede is always at the end of the schoolyear because it is held in the outdoor swimmingpool.


Poolpartycommissie (Poolpartycie)

Every year during the Kick-in the poolparty is organized, this is one of the biggest party’s of that week! There is a special team of Piranha members that works together with the Kick-in committee to make sure this party will become epic!.  So if you are intrested please contact us.


Raad van Advies (RvA)

The Raad van Advies (RvA) exists out of old board members and experienced Piranha members. The RvA gives questioned and not questioned advice to the board on low threshold.


Reddingszwemcommissie (Redcie)

The Reddingszwemcommissie takes care of everything that involves the rescue brigade. They take care of the competitions, take care of the educations, take care of the material. Long story short; they make sure the rescue brigade keeps their head above the water.


Technische Commissie (TC)

The technische commissie, the TC, takes care of all the  “technical” affairs at Piranha. Some of the jobs they do are making the trainings scedules. The TC is composed out of people from the different sports of Piranha.


Toernooicommissie (TNC)

In he first weekend after the Kickin the tournament committee, better known as the TNC, the International Piranha Waterpolotournament. On this tournament teams from Holland and abroad are joining, it’s also visited by other studentteams but also by “normal” teams. The tournament starts on Fridaynight en lasts till Sunday, on Saturdaynight there will be an amazing party.

It’s the job of the TNC to make sure that teams are invited , referees are present. The TNC also makes sure that the party on Saturday is organized, that there is enough to drink and to eat and that ther is enough space to sleep during the weekend. Long story short as well as before and during te tournament there is plenty off work for the TNC.

Are you intrested in organizing the tournament in 2019? Please contact us or the Polocie


Waterpolocommissie (Polocie)

The waterpolocommissie, better known as the Polocie, takes care off all the bussines around the waterpolo branch off Piranha. They take care all matches are plannend, the tournaments are being visited and that the right material is there to train with. Long story sort the Polocie makes sure the waterpolo players can train, compete in games and visit tournaments!

Do you have any questions for this committee or are you intrested to join the committee? Send us an e-mail!


Zwemcommissie (Zwemcie)

The Zwemcie of Piranha is  for the, big surprise, swimmers of Piranha! We organize a few activities to make sure the bound between the swimmers keeps getting better. They organized bowling, the clubmatches or a movie night but they also can just take a drink after training. More over the Zwemcie takes care of the bussines involving with the NSZK’s, this is so you can enjoy these amazing weekends without worries. The Zwemcie keeps an eye on the trainings so these are connected to the wishes of the swimmers. They also have contact with the board to garantee they can always train with the right materials and trainers.


Other things to do…

Besides these amazing committees Piranha has some other things to do around Piranha for members. If you want to be an “active member” you can becomea competition official, referee or if you help cleaning the swimming pool. Before the outdoor swimming pool opens it has to be clean, the cleaning is done by members of Piraha. Ofcourse the board always makes sure there is enough to drink and to eat, when you help cleaning the pol you will become an “active member”.

No committee, but fun work. During the periode that the outside swimming pool is open, Piranha is responsible for the kiosk. In the kiosk the tickets are being sold and checked. Further more there is sold candy, ice cream, food and drinks, it is a bit like the barteam but then outside. If you decide to work in the kiosk, you will get paid for your work so it is kind of like an holiday job. You can decide when you want to work.

For more information please contact the intern commissioner: