Unsubscribe from Piranha

If you are visiting this page you might be thinking about leaving Piranha, which we would regret! If you do want to do this you can find information on how to unsubscribe. Generally there are three steps to take:

  1. Contact the secretary to inform him/her about your intentions of unsubscribing. The secretary can help you through the process of unsubscribing. The email address is secretaris@zpv-piranha.nl.
  2. Wrap up the debts at Piranha with the treasurer.

The last point is especially important if you have been a member for under one year. It is compulsory to be a member for at least one year, hence if you want to unsubscribe earlier you have to pay the remaining contribution fees. To make this easier we can create an invoice with all remaining contributions in one go. In Dutch we would call this “afkoop regeling”, and you might find this in documents we send you.

Generally speaking you should not have any debts left after such an invoice. However there are certain situations where, after your unsubscription, you will still get an invoice. Examples of this are if you joined activities which had not been processed yet, or took a diving course which had not been put on the invoice. Since you participated in these activities you are still obliged to pay.

Closely related to this you might still get automatic invoice messages, even after you left Piranha. Please read through them carefully and contact the treasurer if something is not right!