Frequently asked questions Treasurer

On the website there is a heading “assocciation” where you can find “forms” there is a declaration form available. Together with your receipt this can be sent to the treasurer of Piranha. He/she will check it and transfer the money to your bank acount within a month after the date of declaring your costs.

Every month, the money you owe Piranha will be collected by means of an automatic invoice. This will happen around the 25th of every month to ensure that you have enough money on you bank account. The automatic invoice contains all debts you have built up throughout the month and the contribution fee. This will be corresponded with you by an E-mail that you receive about two weeks in advance of the automatic invoice. In case you have any questions about your automatic invoice or you foresee any problems paying them, you can always contact the tresurer.

The Piranha contribution fee (55 EUR yearly) will be collected per quartile with an automatic invoice, which is collected around the 25th of the month.

For more questions please send an e-mail to