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The goal is to swim as fast as possible in (about) 4 different strokes. This is done by training to improve technique, endurance and speed.

What do I need to swim?

To train you need at least swimming trunks or a swimsuit, swimming goggles and a towel. Furthermore, many swimmers also have a swimming cap, boards, zoomers or other swimming related associates.

How much experience do I need to have to join your trainings?

Generally, your swimming experience doesn’t matter. However, it is required that you already know how to swim – you know how to swim a few lanes of breaststroke. We have two separate groups, so that the beginning swimmers get a training tailored to them (mostly technique), while the advanced swimmers get longer and more intensive trainings (mostly speed and endurance).

What are the training times?

You can always find the most actual training times here . You can also download the calendar  here  which you can then add to your own calendar. This way, you never miss a training.

Do you also join competitions?

Yes! You can, whatever your experience level, always join 5 student competitions each year (4 NSZK’s and 1 NSK), which are always organized by a student swimming association somewhere in the Netherlands. Besides these competitions, some swimmers also regularly join so-called “civilian competitions” – competitions where more people than only students join as well, like master competitions, 1 hour relays and all sorts of different kind of matches.


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