If you are having trouble or got into a bothering situation at Piranha, things can get so complicated that you might not able to figure it out yourself anymore. This could be the case for sensitive of difficult subjects, like unacceptable behaviour or discrimination. To talk about this Piranha has two confidential advisers (VCP in dutch) whom can form an independent and unbiased contact point for these situations. All contact between a member of Piranha and a VCP will be confidential. This page provides more information on what exactly a VCP is, what they do, whom they are within Piranha. how to contact them, and how to find VCP’s on the UT or the KNZB.

What is a Confidential Advisor (VCP)?

The VCP within a sports association or federation is the first contact point for everyone who has a question regarding, or has had a brush with, unacceptable behaviour. The VCP functions as the first contact point for members (Athletes, their parents, supporters etc.) with a complaint or question. They will listen, give advice and direct towards the appropiate help. Besides this, they also advise and stimulate the association or federation to take preventive measures.

The VCP’s will not handle the contents of the complaints themselves, but will try and guide you towards a fitting solution. The VCP’s are aware of the possibilities for help. They can inform you on the procedures and how to continue, or redirect you to a specialized VCP of the NOC*NSF, who are trained in giving meaningful guidance. During a confidential conversation the VCP will help you getting your story out, for example in cases of doping, matchfixing, eating disorders and sexual harassment.  Our VCP’s have followed a specialized class for this at the NOC*NSF.

Activities of a VCP

The VCP is expected to handle according to a certain protocol, made by the NOC*NSF. It can be found here.

The activities of a VCP are:

  • First Contact Point
  • Redirecting
  • Preventive Activities

Currently, Piranha’s VCP’s are Mathijs van Schie and Carmen Ensink. You can contact them via

It also possible to contact a VCP of the KNZB directly, if you prefer so. The VCP of the KNZB is Petra van den Hoek. You can contact her via

The University of Twente also provides the possibility to report personal circumstances regarding, for example, your study progress. For this, you can contact a student dean via the Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC). They can be contacted via You can also visit them at the Vrijhof (building 47), floor 3, room 311.