Together with Sportaal ZPV Piranha organizes the Zwem4daagse (Swim 4 days). This year participants are welcome to start on Tuesday the 26th of June and swim every day with Friday 29th of June as the last day. Every day you swim a certain distance, for example 500m, and if you swim this distance every day you can earn a medal and collect it Friday.

You can swim every day from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning, or 15:00 until 20:00 in the afternoon. Since we are collaborating with Aquadrome you can swim in both their outside pool and the outside pool of the UT! However keep in mind that the first and last day this is not possible because of the registration and medal collecting.

Costs of registration are 10.00 EUR, and you can register with the link below. With this registration you have to pay beforehand using iDeal.

You can also register on the first day, Tuesday 26th of June, but then you can only pay cash.

Register for the Zwem4daagse at the UT pool!

Important! If you register at the University of Twente pool we require you to swim the first day at the UT to complete your registration. Then you can collect the medal on Friday at the UT pool as well. It is not possible to collect your medal at the Aquadrome pool, but you can always collect it some later date if you cannot make it on Friday.

Register / more information for the Zwem4daagse at the Aquadrome pool!

Instead want to collect your medal at the Aquadrome pool? Then you must register with Aquadrome instead, see the link above. Then it is expected you are swimming at the Aquadrome on the first day.