Where can you find us during the kick-in?

Intro Market

22-08 10:30 - 14:30 Ganzenveld

During the introduction market you can find us at the big Lifeguard boat. Come by, talk to one of our members and learn something more about our association!

Sports day

23-08 13:00 - 18:00 Outdoor pool UT

At the Sports Day you can find us at the outdoor swimming pool. At the swimming pool we introduce you to our four sports and do a fun activity in the Pool.


23-08 20:00 - 24:00 Outdoor pool UT

During the Kick-In, the Poolparty is well known for being a great party. The pool is surrounded by heaters that keep you warm. And your beer? You can get it at the bar inside the pool!

Lay Out

26-08 11:00 - 17:00 Rutbeek

You are already halfway the best period of your student life, and therefore it is time to relax. Come and join us at Rutbeek to see how we are upon our best in & around the water!

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Scuba Diving

Z.P.V. Piranha welcomes you whether you already have a diving certificate or not

  • For inexperienced divers we offer the option to obtain a diving certificate so you can enjoy the beauty of everything below the surface.
  • For the more experienced divers we offer the option to obtain a variety of specialisations of even to hone to skills to the level of DivePro or instructor.

Once you have a diving certifical you're welcome to join os on several dives spread across the netherlands and even outside of the country. Our divers often go out for a day or weekend of diving.

Other than that we like to dive in the pool or dive tower for a friendly game of underwater soccer or other fun games.

No worries about having to purchase expensive diving gear on your own. Z.P.V. Piranha has diving gear available for our members. If you do wish to purchase your own materials we can ofcourse offer you advice and help you find the most suited gear for you.

Questions? Shoot us an email at: Duiken@zpv-piranha.nl


Whether you're already familiar with the concept of lifeguard or completely new, you're more than welcome to come train with us.

  • So you're new to the concept? Our lifesavers can teach you how to save someone who's drowning. We offer the option to obtain an internationally recognised lifesaving certificate and train you in the lifesaving sport.
  • Have you saved quite a few victims yourself we offer you a more challenging program. Besides the lifesaver certificates we will be offering an open water lifeguard course, boat rescue certificates and even instructor certificates.

We teach you how to prevent a drowning from happening by teaching you practical skills such as first aid, different rescue methods and some theoretical knowledge. Besides that we're present at sporting events and festivals to ensure the safety of the participants of those event. Last but not least: how about the perfect summer job? Our members are active guards on some of the Dutch beaches and so could you.

Questions? Shoot us an email at: rescue@zpv-piranha.nl


At Z.P.V. Piranha we offer trainings for both experienced and inexperienced waterpolo players. We have teams which play at different levels in the competitions. It doesn't matter if you want to join the competitions or if you're only interested in the training.

There is one team for women with players of different levels which competes in the competitions.

For men there are two possible teams:

  • Men 1 participates at the highest level of the competitions and is comprised of experienced players who play in the competition.
  • Men 2 competes at a lower level and is comprised of both experienced and inexperienced players. Some of these players are also entered in the competition and some aren't.

Questions? Shoot us an email at: polocie@zpv-piranha.nl


At Z.P.V. we offer the possibility to refine your technique and to learn how to swim even faster.

  • Swimming 3 is meant for those who would like to master the technique of different strokes. We teach you how to do a perfect freestyle or to tumble turn.
  • Zwemmen 2 is meant for those who have mastered most of the techniques and are looking to improve on their speed.
  • Zwemmen 1 is meant for the faster swimmers and is suited for those who have a lot of experience or even participated in swimming contests.

Questions? Shoot us an email at: zwemcie@zpv-piranha.nl

Frequently asked questions

Becoming a member is really simple! Follow the instructions at this page (https://www.zpv-piranha.nl/en/lid-worden/) and the secretary will make you a member of Z.P.V. Piranha as soon as possible.

To become a member, we expect that you can float and swim. If you cannot swim, we advise you to follow a swimming course at the Sportscentre before becoming a member. We do not offer swimming course ourselves.

A membership at Z.P.V. Piranha will coat 55,- euro per year. For this amount of money you can freely swim and waterpolo as much as you want.

Would you like to swim competitions? You will pay extra for a start permit conform the KNZB.

Would you like to play water polo competitions? You will pay extra for a start permit and competition fee conform the KNZB.

Would you like to do lifeguard training? You will pay an extra 10,- euro per year for KNBRD costs.

Would you like to scuba dive? You will pay an extra 47,- euro per year for using our materials.

These costs are excluding Unioncard and Association Fee.

Of course you can! You are free to join our introduction training at 6 September! Or try a sport at one of our regular training moments! You can join a sport training 3 times for free before becoming a member.

  • For lifeguard training, water polo and swimming you can pass by one of our regular training moments, no need to sign up.
  • VFor scuba diving are special introduction days, send an email to duiken@zpv-piranha.nl for more information.

You can train a total of four times a week. You're welcome to participate in any or all of the sports that we offer.

  • On monday you can join the rescue, swimming (all levels) and diving training.
  • On tuesday you can join the waterpolo (all teams), swimming (level 1&2) and diving training.
  • On thursday you can join the wapolo (all teams) and swimming (all levels) training.
  • On friday there is a association hour during which the pool is available to members of all sports.

The exact times of the indoor pool training aren't available yet. Once they become available they will be publish on our website (zpv-piranha.nl). You can also choose to leave your contact details above and we will send you the training schedule once it's available.

Of course you can! There are several commissions which you can join. Some commissions organise event such as the Poolparty commission or the activities during the Kick-In. Other commissions focus on the club magazine or keeping things running for one of the sports. The option to join the board of Z.P.V. is also open or you can help us by joining our barteam. In short, a ton of ways in which you can become an active member of Z.P.V. Piranha.

Besides the training we organise a lot of fun activities, drinks and trips. Once a year we'll organise a association weekend which takes us to an undisclosed location for a weekend full of fun. Other than that there are drinks and trips such as paintball or bouncing. The occasional casual drink after a training tends to happen most of the time.

There is an introducation training! The training will feature rescue, waterpolo and swimming! For more information and in order to sign op go to: the google form