Diving activities committee

The Diving Activities Committee (DAC) is presided by the activities coördinator. The DAC organizes the many activities and events for the divers of ZPV Piranha. Three to four times a year a diving weekend to Zeeland is organized. Next to the Zeeland diving weekends several trips are organised such as a weekend to the stone quarries of Belgium, the depths of Hemmoor or boat diving on the Vinkeveenseplassen. Longer diving trips are also organised such as diving in the mountain lakes of Austria, tide and current dives in Denmark or further on such as holidays in Bonaire or Gozo.  Besides these awesome trips the DAC also organises activities such as game nights, lectures by enthusiasts, sign language workshops and fish net training. Interested in organizing awesome trips and activities?  Talk to one of us, or send an e-mail.

Contact: dac@zpv-piranha.nl