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At Piranha we fascilitate four different sports: Diving, Rescue, Waterpolo & Swiming


At Z.P.V. Piranha you can explore the wonders of a weightless underwater world!   

New to diving? 

We offer introductory dives to become familiar with scuba diving. If you like it, you can join our Open Water course. When you finish this course, you receive a worldwide recognized diving certification, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of everything below the surface.

Already got a diver’s licence?

Join on dive days and weekends here in the Netherlands or even on vacations abroad. During the colder months, we also dive in the pool or the Dive Tower in Enschede to keep our skills up to date. 

Interested in going deeper?

We offer a wide variety of specialty courses, like night diving and deep diving.

Isn’t diving expensive?

Our courses are affordable, even for students. You also do not have to worry about purchasing expensive diving gear on your own as Z.P.V. Piranha has diving gear available for our members. 


Questions? Shoot us an email at:


Whether you are already familiar with the lifeguard concept or are completely new, you are more than welcome to come and train with us. So you are new to the concept? Our lifesavers can teach you how to save someone who is drowning. We offer the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized life-saving certificate and train you in the life-saving sport.


If you have already saved a large number of victims yourself, we offer you a more challenging program. In addition to the emergency certificate rescuer, we offer an open water lifeboat course, boat rescue certificates and even instructor certificates. We'll teach you how to avoid drowning by teaching you practical skills such as first aid, various rescue methods and some theoretical knowledge.


We are also present at sporting events and festivals to ensure the safety of the participants in that event. Last but not least: how about the perfect summer job? Our members are active guards on some of the Dutch beaches and so are you. Ask? Send us an email at:


Water polo


Do you like to play in a team, score a goal and are you able to take a small beating?

Then you have to try out water polo! At Piranha we offer you the possibility to get to know the sport or play at your own level. Both ladies and gents are able to play competitive matches but if you want to only join our practices, that is also possible of course.

At the moment, our water polo branch consists of 2 gents teams and 1 ladies team. The gents play both at the highest level in our district as at a lower level, which is ideal for players just getting to know the game. The ladies team plays exactly at a level between the easiest and most difficult in our district and therefore offers competitive matches for almost all skill levels. The exact competition levels of our teams are as follows:

Gents 1 – 1st level District
Gents 2 – 3rd level District
Ladies 1 – 2nd level District

Would you like to join a practice or do you have any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact the waterpolo committee using the e-mail We hope to see you playing with us soon!



At ZPV we offer the possibility to refine your technique and to learn to swim even faster.

  • Swimming 3 is for those who want to master the technique of different strokes. We teach you how to do or spin a perfect freestyle.

  • Swimming 2 is for those who have mastered most techniques and want to improve their speed.

  • Swim 1 is intended for the faster swimmers and is suitable for those who have a lot of experience or even participated in swimming competitions.

Ask? Send us an email at:


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