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Confidential contact person

If you are dealing with problems or annoying situations at Piranha it sometimes can be so complicated that you can't get out by yourself. For example, if it is a very sensitive or difficult subject, such as unacceptable behavior or discrimination. To talk about this, there are two confidential contact persons (CCP) at Piranha who can be an independent and impartial first point of contact for these kinds of situations. All contact that takes place between a member of Piranha and one of the confidential contact persons will of course be treated confidentially. On this page you can find out exactly what a CCP is, what their tasks are, who the CCP within Piranha are, how to reach them and where to find a CCP of the KNZB or the University of Twente.


What is a confidential contact person (CCP)?

The CCP is the first point of contact within the sports club or sports association for anyone who has a question about or has to do with unacceptable behavior. The CCP acts as a first point of contact for members (athletes, parents of athletes, spectators, executives, volunteers, board) with a complaint or a question. They offer a listening ear, give advice and referrals for suitable help. In addition, they advise and stimulate the association or association to take preventive measures.


The CCP will not deal with the content of the complaints themselves, but will try to show you the way to a good solution. The CCP are aware of the possibilities of getting help. They can inform you about the procedures and possible next steps or refer you to a specialized confidant of the NOC*NSF's sports, who are trained to provide substantive guidance. In a confidential conversation the CCP will help you with your story, for example about issues such as doping, matchfixing, eating disorders and sexual harassment. Our CCP have also followed a special course for this at the NOC*NSF.


Activities confidential contact person (CCP)

The CCP is expected to act according to a certain protocol drawn up by the NOC*NSF. This can be found here (dutch). The activities of the CCP are:


  • Initial reception/point-of-contact

  • Referral

  • Prevention activities


Currently the contact persons for Piranha are Jeroen Staakman and Laura Kreuger. You can contact them via


If you prefer to get in direct contact with a contact person of the KNZB, you can, the contact person of the KNZB is Petra van den Hoek. You can get in touch with her via


From the University of Twente there is also a possibility to confidentially report personal circumstances that, for example, influence your study progress. For this you can contact a student counsellor via the Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC). You can reach them via or visit them: Vrijhof (building 47), floor 3, room 311.

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