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The diving branch consists of a group of students and employees ranging from novice divers to divers who already have one or more certifications. We go on dive days and weekends here in the Netherlands or even on vacations abroad. During the colder months, we also dive in the pool or the dive tower in Enschede to keep our skills up to date. Experienced (former) students, 'Dive Pros', lead all the dive days, intro dives and diving courses that Piranha offers.

Introducton dive

Introduction dive

Ever wanted to see whether scuba diving is something for you, then try it during one of our introduction dives. You will get an impression of whether diving might be for you. Together with an enthusiastic dive instructor you will learn the basics of scuba diving in one evening.

The evening starts with an hour of explanation of the theory. After this we enter the pool where you have ample time to get comfortable under water. After the introduction dive there is still the possibility to talk with your fellow divers while enjoying a drink. 

The costs for an introduction dive are € 15,- per person. If you decide to continue with a full diving course afterwards, you get a € 15,- discount on the course. If you are interested, send an email to to register, and you will hear as soon as possible when an introduction dive will be organised.

Diving Courses

Open Water Diver Course

This course is the best way to begin your adventures as a certified scuba diver. As we are a recognised Scuba School International (SSI) Training Center, you will earn the SSI Open Water Diver certification which is valid worldwide.

The Open Water course consists of approximately six pool lessons. These classes are held on different evenings of the week. Prior to each of the pool lessons you will receive a theory lesson. To complete the course, you also make six outdoor dives in the Netherlands. We only do outdoor dives when the water is not too cold in the months from April till October.

The total price of the Open Water course is €312. This includes the membership of Piranha (€55), the diving fee for the use of equipment (€40) and the course itself (€217). So you can get a diving license from us for just €26 per month. 

If you would like to know when the next course will start or if you have any other questions about the diving course, please email

Join us on Dive Trips

If you have the Open Water licence, you can join us during dive days and weekends in the Netherlands and abroad. 

We do a lot of our dive days in lakes close to Enschede, like Grasbroek, Bussloo, Wijthmenerplas and Speicherbecken Geeste (just across the border in Germany). You can see a lot of fresh water fish, eels, and crayfish. There are also underwater objects like sunken boats.

Couple of times a year, we spend a weekend diving in Zeeland, one of the best diving spots in Western Europe. You can see a large diversity of life there, like lobster, crab, sea stars, shrimp, sepiola and even a seahorse. To get an impression, see the video below. 

We also sometimes go diving in Hemmoor in Germany, a flooded quarry, for deep diving. Furthermore, we organise a dive holiday to Spain or Egypt from time to time.



Continue your Diving Education

After your Open Water course you can expand your knowledge and diving skills by following specialties. We offer most of the specialties SSI offers like Deep Diving, Night Diving, Wave Tides and Currents, Navigation and Stress and Rescue.

After taking 4 specialties you become an Advanced Open Water Diver. Add to that the Stress and Rescue specialty and you become a Master Diver.

Of course you still need to be a member of Piranha, pay the diving fee and be in possession of a UnionCard to participate in the specialties. 

We also offer specialised First Aid training for divers as part of Divers Alert Network (DAN). This includes Basic Life Support, AED, First Aid and oxygen training.

At Piranha you can even take the step from diver to Dive Leader. This gives you the opportunity to assist with courses or even independently guide new divers. We offer Dive Guide and Dive Master courses every year for our experienced divers and there is even the possibility to become an SSI certified Assistant Instructor.

Of course you can always send your questions to

Diving Equipment

Buying your own diving gear can be very expensive and has to be regularly serviced. Therefore, Piranha owns a number of diving sets that can be used when diving with Piranha. For this you pay a yearly fee of €40.

If you do wish to acquire your own materials we can of course offer advice and help you find suitable gear.

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