In the summer of 2002, the diving branch was established within ZPV Piranha. The diving branch consists of a group of divers ranging from novice divers to divers who already have one or more certifications. Experienced students, 'Dive Pros', lead the intro dives and diving courses that Piranha offers.

There are many different activities for the divers of the association throughout the year. Within the association we strive to make it possible for all UnionCard holders (including students and employees of the University of Twente and Saxion Hogeschool) to experience the wonderful world underwater. In addition to courses, many fun activities are also organized.


Introduction dive

Piranha wants to make as many people as possible enthusiastic about diving. That is why, together with the diving training team, we offer you the opportunity to follow an introductory dive. During an introductory dive you will get an impression of whether diving might be what is for you. Together with an enthusiastic dive supervisor you will learn the basics of scuba diving in one evening.


The evening starts with an hour of explanation of the theory. After this we enter the water where you have ample time to get acquainted with diving. After diving there is still the possibility to talk with your fellow divers while enjoying a drink.


The costs for an evening introduction dive are € 15 per person. If you decide to continue with a diving course after an introductory dive, you will receive this € 15 again as a discount on your first diving certificate. If you are interested, send an email to to register, and you will hear as soon as possible when an introduction dive will be adjusted.


For larger groups of up to 20 people, we offer the possibility in the summer season to organize an evening program in our outdoor swimming pool. It is also possible to combine diving with one of the other sports of Piranha such as rescue, water polo or swimming. Mail us for the possibilities and the costs associated with this.


Diving course

Open Water Diver

The diving courses are given almost all year round. The “Open Water” course consists of approximately five swimming lessons. These classes are held on different nights of the week. Prior to each of the pool lessons you will receive theory lessons.


To complete the course, you also make six outdoor dives, which you make in Zwolle, Bornerbroek, Zutphen, Bussloo and / or during a Zeeland weekend. Naturally, we do our utmost to keep the time between your indoor and outdoor dives as short as possible. If the weather and water temperature are okay, you can get your license in about two months.


The total price of the diving course “Open water” is 312 euros. This includes the membership of Piranha, the diving fee for the use of equipment and the course costs itself. So you can get a diving license from us for 26 euros per month. We can offer this course for this amount, because the sports center subsidizes the course. In fact, you don't have to pay anything except for travel expenses and sometimes some compressed air when we are on location (these are small amounts).


Because you become a member of Piranha you can use all the facilities that Piranha offers for its members, such as drinks, activities and a lot of fun or participate in other branches of Piranha (swimming, rescue or water polo).

If you would like to know when the next course will start or if you have any other questions about the diving course, please email


Continue your adventure

After your Open Water course you can learn more about diving by taking specializations and continuing to dive. The combination of specializations and experience dives allows you to earn recognition certifications such as Specialty Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver. Specialties are available as a base and a complete package. The complete package includes the specialty book and an (internationally recognized) certification card at the end of the course. The basic packages only contain a digital version of the book and a Piranha certificate (only recognized within our association). If you want to receive the SSI recognition certificates, you must have purchased at least two complete packages for the 'specialty diver' certificate and have completed the specialties. There are four for the 'advanced diver' license. Of course you still need to be a member of Piranha, pay the diving fee and be in possession of a UnionCard to participate in the specialties. Twice a year, a specialty information evening is organized where you can get more information about the different courses and register right away. The planning of the courses can be found in the agenda, if your desired course is not listed, let us know your interest and we will plan the training together. Of course you can always send your questions to


Management training

For divers who want to pass on their passion to new divers, there is the possibility to become a Dive Leader within Piranha. Taking the step from Diver to Dive Leader gives you the opportunity to assist with courses or even independently guide new divers, giving you a whole new experience, adding a valuable dimension to your sport. The first step to Dive Leader is the Dive Guide training. Here you will learn the basics of guiding divers. In combination with the Science of Diving specialization, this offers you access to the Dive Control Specialist training where you learn to assist with training and teach you how to independently introduce diving. In addition to these skills, you also learn more about, for example, the diving equipment and the underwater environment. This combination ensures that you become a diving professional who can work within the diving industry. When there is a need to organize an instructor course, this will be possible. The DiveGuide and Dive Control Specialist trajectory is organized once a year and lasts the entire diving season. If you have any questions about these courses, please contact the training coordinator at



We use DAS to register for diving events. If you are already registered with Piranha, you can register here for diving activities and diving days: