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At Piranha, we offer a variety of training sessions for both the advanced swimmer and the novice swimmer. So it doesn't matter if you are a beginner swimmer or have been in the pool all your life, Piranha has you covered! In fact, we have three different training levels:


  • Swim 3 is for those who would like to improve their technique. With us, you will learn the basics of all strokes. In addition, you build up your condition in this group. 

  • Swimming 2 is for those who have a reasonable technique, but would like to improve their speed and fitness. In addition, a number of these swimmers participate in the national championships for students (NSZK). 

  • Swim 1 is intended for fast and experienced swimmers. They participate more often in tournaments and competitions. There are also some who participate in NKs. 


Besides the training sessions, we also participate fanatically in the Dutch student competition throughout the Netherlands (NSZKs), in which besides our own members many other student swimmers join. The perfect way to get to know even more enthusiastic swimmers! These competitions are individual and in groups. There is also a party attached to this competition, to make it a fun weekend! 

Also, once every 2 years we organize one of these competitions in the outdoor pool at the UT and about 400 swimmers from all over the Netherlands come to Enschede. 

The ZwemCie usually organizes at least four activities per year and after the training, you can often find us at the outdoor pool for fun. We also organize a four-day swimming event every year. 


Do you have any questions or would you like to join us for a training session? Send us an email at:

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