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Do you like to play in a team, score a goal and are you able to take a small beating?


Then you have to try out water polo! At Piranha we offer you the possibility to get to know the sport or play at your own level. Both ladies and gents are able to play competitive matches but if you want to only join our practices, that is also possible of course.

At the moment, our water polo branch consists of 2 gents teams and 1 ladies team. The gents play both at the highest level in our district as at a lower level, which is ideal for players just getting to know the game. The ladies team plays exactly at a level between the easiest and most difficult in our district and therefore offers competitive matches for almost all skill levels. The exact competition levels of our teams are as follows:

Gents 1 – 3rd level National
Gents 2 – 3rd level District
Ladies 1 – 2nd level District

Besides the practices and matches we also organize many activities. For example, we go to tournaments, organize drinks and other activities both in and outside the pool! This offers a water polo player at Piranha not only the possibility to play at your own level but also the atmosphere you would expect from a student association.

Would you like to join a practice or do you have any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact the waterpolo committee using the e-mail We hope to see you playing with us soon!



We play both home as well as away matches during the match season, which takes places from between September
till about the end of April or beginning of May. Most matches take place on a Saturday evening with the rare
exception of a game on Sunday. If all our teams play home matches on the same day, we have a reason to party and
organize Super Saturdays / Sundays after which we often go for dinner with all players in Enschede.

The matches are mostly played with 10 people: 6 players, 1 keeper and 3 substitutes. A game always consists of 4
parts that, depending on the level, take 5 to 6 minutes brutto play time. For almost every match we have a coach
that will give the necessary directions and tips during the game. All our home matches take place in the swimming
pool in Enschede called Het Slagman.



Every water polo team has 2 practices a week. During the indoor season, which lasts from about the end of
September till the beginning of May, we train both in Het Slagman (25-meter pool in Enschede) as well as the
Spiegelbad (16-meter pool in the sportscenter of the university). During the outdoor season, which takes place the
rest of the year, we play in BuBa (25-meter pool on the campus of the university). The gents 1 and ladies practices
are given by out professional trainer. This trainer educates our student trainers who lead the practices for gents 2.
This ensures that our practices remain at a high level and are challenging for players of all levels.

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