ZPV Piranha & the Kick-in

Piranha & de Kick-in

During the Kick-in you’ll be able to find people of ZPV Piranha at the outside swimming pool (and even after the Kick-in you’re able to find them there). Furthermore you can find us during the Kick-in at different locations and ask questions or get yourself informd about our beautifull association.

Where can you find us?

  • Opening fair Kick-in (23 augustus)
    • You’re able to find us between all the other sport associations. Time: 10:00 till 14:30.
  • Sports Mini-Games (25 augustus)
    • There will be only one spot on campus during the summer where you can find us, ofcourse at the outside swimming pool. You can reach this trough the entrance at the end of the Utrack or just through the normal door at the side of the general practitioner. Time: 12:00 till 17:00 and don’t forget you’re swimsuits.
  • Saxion Summer Festival (30 augustus)
    • This year we’ll be back at the Saxion Summer Festival, this is an HOI-event. The location of this event is the Volkspark near the city centre. Time: 13:00 till 17:30.
  • Kick-out Festival (31 augustus)
    • During the Novel-T Kick-out Festival you can find us at the Carrillionveld. We are located near the road, campuslaan, just behind the bus stop. Time 16:00 till 19:00.

Furthermore, after the introductionperiod we’re having introduction training. These are held on tuesday 12th september 2017, were you will be able to join the practice and have dinner (BBQ). Scuba diving will be on thursday 14th september 2017, more information will follow after sign up! Signing up is possible here:  Piranha

Have a nice Kick-IN and hope to see you on the 12th!

The Piranha Introductiecommissie,