Veelgestelde Vragen Rescue

What is Rescue?
Rescue is the lifesaving/lifeguarding part of Piranha.

What does a training look like?
The first 45 minutes you will be trained in lifeguarding techniques. The seconds 45 minutes you will increase your stamina with swimming elements from the lifesaving sport.

What can I do with those lifeguarding techniques?
In general you learn how to get someone out of the water in a safe and controlled manner. You can use these skills as a beach lifeguard (like many of us do during the summer) or during our own event patrols (see below).

What is the lifesaving sport about?
The lifesaving sport takes lifeguarding elements and turns them into a competitive sport. We use it to increase our stamina. For more info you can look here.

What event patrols does Piranha do?
Several times a year we get our boat out of its storage location and we guard the safety of event visitors. This can range from dance festivals to triathlons to the welcoming of Sinterklaas.

Can I join a training?
Yes, of course! Our trainings are on Monday and the precise time and location can be found in the Piranha roster. It would be appreciated if you could send an e-mail to rescue@zpv-piranha beforehand so we know you are coming.

For more questions please send an e-mail to